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Become a Reiki healer

Heal yourself and others. Have you ever wanted that extra “something” to help you relax, de-stress and boost positive thinking? Then this is for you!

Become one of the thousands of people that use Reiki to help reduce stress and anxeity from their lives. Once attuned, you can use Reiki to help yourself and others.

Your journey starts at Level 1 and finishes at Master Level. Progressing through the levels, you will gain knowledge and understanding of the use of symbols, and how you can use Reiki to help others.


Level 1

For people who are just starting their journey and to help balance their mind and body. Download the introduction to  Reiki booklet

Level 2

A deeper level which uses ancient symbols and distant healing to enhance your Reiki experience. At this level, you are able to treat others.

Master / Teacher

As a Reiki Master, you will have the deepest understanding of Reiki and distant healing, being able to attune people yourself. This is the pinnacle of your journey, allowing you to help others whilst being a teacher to your students.

Level 1 - £100

You will be introduced to Reiki universal energy, discover how Reiki works with you and it’s relationship with postitive healing. Your attunement journey takes up to two hours.

On completion you will receive:

  • Teri Mai Level 1 certificate
  • Printed booklet

Level 2 - £150

You will be further attuned to Reiki universal energy and be introduced to the Reiki symbols and distant healing. Discover how the symbols work with the bodies Chakra points and the delivery of treatments.

Additionally, you will be given a guide on how to treat others. Your Level 2 journey takes up to three hours.

On completion you will receive:

  • Teri Mai Level 2 certificate
  • Printed booklet

Level 3 - £250

The highest level of attunement with the introduction of the Reiki Master symbol. This includes a fully guided tutorial on how to attune others, complimented with step-by-step documentation. The Level 3 course also includes a personal training guide on delivering Reiki to others and an attunement booklet which explaines the process of attuning your clients. Your Reiki Master journey takes up to four hours.

On completion you will receive:

  • A Teri Mai Level 3 Master certificate
  • Reiki levels 1/2/3 books
  • Attunment process booklet
  • Printed booklets

How to book

Please call or email me before booking. I will be able to answer any questions you might have regarding your Reiki journey and attunement process.

Starting at Level 1, you will then progress to Level 2 when you feel that you are ready. Reiki Master is best undertaken once you have had plenty of exposure to treatments on friends and family.

For Reiki Master level, you should have been practicing at Level 2 for a minium of 6-12 months.

Call Brian: 07960 123100

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