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I have selected various articles to guide you through the world of Reiki and holistic healing.

Reiki is a great compliment to medical treatments and has been used on patients with cancer, chronic pain, and autism. Health professionals are turning to alternative treatments, such as Reiki, as part of a holistic approach to patient care.

Reiki works by targeting the mind, body, and soul, promoting clear thought and positivity.


If you’re new to Reiki, download my information booklet that’s full of important facts and details about Reiki at

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Relaxation takes a bit longer

Sometimes it takes a little longer to reach the perfect moment. is taking the time to ensure we can provide you a totally relaxing treatment, so we’ll be keeping our doors closed a little longer.

Don’t worry you’ll be the first to know when we’re ready to open!

Positivity from within x

Breath in leaves

Look out, we’re getting ready to open

Just a quick update: We’re looking to re-open in September, so I’ll be in touch with the date and times available. Please read the COVID19 update that outlines safety compliance whilst you visit

Thanks Brian



Reiki at will have you relaxed and ready to take on September!

We’re looking to open in September, so not long to wait!!

We have made some changes, so we fall inline with the COVID-19 Gov-uk guidelines.

Please read the document before you book your treatment, as we have tailored how we promote positivity!

Read the document here: click here

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Re-opening July 2020 COVID-19  working practicies



If you have any signs of COVID -19, which can include a continuous cough, high temperature, loss of taste or smell, please call/txt to rearrange your appointment. There will be no charge to cancel or rearrange your appointment.

  • Group bookings are not accepted at this time – in accordance with current social distancing guidelines.
  • Toilet facilities are closed for public use at this time. 
  • Extended time between bookings is in place to minimise client to client contact.


On arrival to

In line with current Government guidance, a face covering is required for any treatment. Please ensure you are wearing PPE: face covering for your entire treatment

  • Clients will be asked to sanitiser their hands on arrival. Minimum 70% alcohol hand sanitiser gel provided.
  • Paper head rest covers will be used for each client.
  • HEPA filtered air will be circulated during appointments.
  • All towels and blankets will be changed for each client.
  • Payment: Contactless payments is preferred. 
  • Information about my Reiki treatments can be found here

For more information on COVID-19 visit the Gov website. Click here

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Relaxation with Reiki

Have you ever wanted to relax the mind, body and soul, but didn’t know how?

Well Reiki uses ancient energy healing to help balance the body’s own energy. We all have different levels of energy, Reiki balances your 7 main Chakras by using hand placements to promote your bodies own inner strength.

Reiki is great for anybody suffering from stress, anxiety, trauma and depression. Boosting your inner energy is so important to building a stronger you.

Book your treatment today and start your journey

Reiki and you!

Reiki Healing
Relax the mind, body and soul with an hour of Reiki. Located in Westhoughton, near Bolton.
Reiki uses hand placements on the bodies Chakra’s to balance and remove blockages of energy. This relaxing treatment will reduce stress, anxiety, depression and help promote positive thinking.

Lying on the therapy bed fully clothed, you will experience completed relaxation, not just physically but mentally relaxed too. Click here to find out more about my treatments

Brian Hilton : Reiki Master with over 20 years experience

Dedicated treatment room

Card payments accepted

Hour treatments cost £30

Call Brian or email to book: 07960 123100 –

Reiki healing

Reiki and the mind

free the mind

Relaxation is not just skin deep. Relaxing the mind, body and soul isomer important than we think.

An hour long treatment at is an amazing way to boost your inner positivity. Using ancient Japanese energy healing techniques, Reiki will boost your mental state without the use of any medication. Reiki only works with positive energy, so you can always feel revived and balanced after every treatment.

Reiki is an amazing treatment for anybody who is suffering from depression, stress, anxiety and trauma.

Call Brian Hilton (Reiki Master and Teacher) to book your session: 07960 123100

For more information visit my website:

Located in Westhoughton near Bolton. Only a 20 minute drive from Manchester and only 10 minutes off the motorway network

Positivity from within

Relax, naturally!

Registered therapist, with FHT

reiki FHT registered

I’m pleased to announce that I am now a registered therapist with FHT (the UK’s biggest professional therapist association) This means that your in safe hands. Using qualified therapists gives you reassurance that i’m trained to a very high standard and offer treatments that work within the FHT guidelines.

To book your treatment you can visit my website (click here) or give me a call on 07960 123100. I’m also on Facebook, just search @myholistics

I offer hour long treatments that are designed to help you relax and promote positivity from within. Reiki is an ancient healing technique using hand placements to balance the bodies Chakra’s and remove blockages that cause you to feel low and fatigued.

Dedicate treatment room in Westhoughton

Mood lighting, surround sound relaxation music all help you to get maximum relaxation without the use of any medication!

Want to become a Reiki healer? I offer one-to-one attunement sessions. You too can use the power of Reiki to heal yourself or others. Please call me to discuss your requirements.

Relaxation at Christmas

Take some time to relax the mind, body and soul this festive period. It’s really easy to become stressed during the busiest time of the year. So take an hour and have a deeply relaxing treatment at

Brian Hilton, Reiki Master and teacher will help you relax and clear the mind using ancient Japanese Reiki.

To book your appointment call Brian on 07960 123100

Gift cards are also available to buy, either online or when you have your next treatment. To find out more visit the website here


I offer Gift Vouchers for that special person. Secure online purchase. Gifting made easy!


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